Our Story – Tatum Ridge Farms

Our Story

We were on a journey learning about our food sources, "organic" and the slow food movement. We had a desire to grow food as organic and clean as possible and provide good nutrition for our growing families. Our children were excited learning all about planting seeds and the process of growing foods. From milking goats, to canning salsa, we were learning a new life style together, as families.

We were living on a lush old Florida citrus farm, an ol' orange grove. It was completely over grown with oak trees, yet still a few fruit producing trees were around. Our children completely enjoyed the woodland and adventures within, but we were growing a little restless wondering how we could, not only improve the land and soil, but also make use of this beautiful ecosystem before us.


Our Farming Families

In the beginning of 2019, our farm began to bud! Living on a 20-acre property, in Sarasota, Florida, we decided to use the land to grow organic meat, eggs and produce for our families and eventually our community. We wanted to farm sustainably, and began our research.

The guys partnered together to design and build the infrastructure not long after the idea presented itself. Soon it was all hands on deck! With the help of our families and friends, the paddocks were fenced, and the chicken coup was built!

 The first chicks arrived on-site in April of 2019 and not long after, we had our first herd of hogs! We continued to research, experiment, and reach out to professionals and agriculturists for tips and tricks, resources, and information.

We now have several herds rotating through our dense oak woods, rooting and grazing on grass, shrubs and their favorite, acorns! Our hens are foraging under the shade as well, catching grubs and scratching soil. We have meat birds rotating through our grassy fields, and have tested the ground with some produce as well!

Our main desire is to be a source of quality raised proteins and produce for our families and our communities! As our farm grows, we continue to apply techniques that enrich our soil, and improve the land. Always learning, we strive to be good stewards of our animals and land and we hope to be a source of enrichment to our community, from the inside out!