Our Egg Laying Hens – Tatum Ridge Farms

Our Egg Laying Hens

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There are many different types of poultry with varied looks, sizes, capabilities, and other characteristics. With our farm in mind, we selected two breeds of fowl that seemed the best fit: The Barred Rock and Rhode Island Reds. Our selection process included their natural instincts & adaptability, temperament, and their egg production as well as their size.

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The Rhode Island Red- Our first choice of fowl, is known for its hardiness and its "dual purpose." This means both its egg production and weight for meat is high. They are characterized by their friendly demeanor, a must for a family run farm! This breed was produced by cross-breeding Oriental breeds with Italian/European breeds in America near the late nineteenth century. They lay brown eggs, and are known to forage for bugs and seeds.

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Barred Rock- Our second choice of fowl may be referred to as the Plymouth Rock. Like the Rhode Island Red, it is also known for its hardiness. The Barred Rock is a good egg layer, and characterized as friendly and "peaceful." Its breed was first seen in the US in the nineteenth century.

Our chicken runs are situated in the heart of our farm. Free-range in our forest and cohabiting with our hogs, it was important that our hens be hardy and yet friendly. We have enjoyed watching our hens wander around, and clean-up the feeders after hog feeding time. With so many breeds of chickens, and such a variety of characteristics to choose from, we feel our choices have been the best fit for our farm!