The Heritage Breed Hereford Hog – Tatum Ridge Farms

The Heritage Breed Hereford Hog

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The Hereford Hog is a domestic breed of pig named mainly for its color pattern similar to that of the Hereford Cattle. Its origin derives from several swine breeds including the Duroc, and the Poland China as well as others, and was bred in the United States in the early 20’s. In the 60’s, the conventional farming shift towards hybrids vs. purebreds, caused a drop in Hereford population. They are now a part of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy watchlist.

The Hereford Hog is a mild-tempered swine breed. Friendly and fun to watch, they enjoy being rubbed and scratched, and fed!

Our Hogs

Our Hogs are forest raised, and 100% certified organic fed and enjoy the acorns shrubs and grasses that grow on our land. Our infrastructure, fences and lines, are placed surrounding oak trees in an old orange grove. The hogs are free to roam and root their shady paddocks, with fresh water, food and shelter available, always!

The Hereford Hog produces a red-meat similar to beef. It is very well marbled meat and packed with flavor and nutrition! We are happy to provide good quality meat for our community. We are dedicated to treat our animals well. We believe our food should be raised with an organic standards, free from pesticides and GMOs and any added hormones.