Our Shipping and Delivery Options – Tatum Ridge Farms

Our Shipping and Delivery Options

Our farm is situated in sunny Sarasota, Florida! We are able to reach our neighboring communities and deliver to most of Sarasota County. Shipping is available for the rest of Florida as well as our neighboring south east region of the United States!

To ensure the freshest delivery possible, we use insulated boxes for our deliveries and shipping, along with dry ice for our shipped boxes. Due to the nature of our products, our shipping is limited to the zones with a 2-Day shipping or less option, only!

We will contact the customer with an estimated time of delivery or with a tracking number, so you are prepared to receive your shipment/delivery!

For our shipped boxes, we ask that you please use caution and follow the instructions provided for the safety and handling of the dry ice, as well as the proper recycling of all other packaging materials.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us!