Whole and Half Hog | All-Natural Heritage Pork – Tatum Ridge Farms
Whole and Half Hog | All-Natural Heritage Pork
Whole and Half Hog | All-Natural Heritage Pork

Whole and Half Hog | All-Natural Heritage Pork

Tatum Ridge Farms
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Stock up and enjoy a lower price with a full range of our all-natural heritage pork when you purchase a whole, half, or a quarter hog from us. Our hogs reach an average of 300 - 350 lbs that yield anywhere from 200-230 lbs of meat after being processed locally.

Hog weight will be determined and the total price calculated based on live weight at the time of processing.

Hereford Heritage Hog Features
  • Cage-Free - Pastured under oak trees
  • All-natural/vegan diet (not organic or non-gmo)
  • Meat has excellent marbling and deep red coloring
  • Locally raised in Sarasota harvested in Parrish, FL

For more info. contact Jason: 941-780-5641 | Sergio: 941-580-4345

Flavor Profile of the Heritage Herford Pork

At our farm, we exclusively breed and care for the Heritage Herford Hog for its great personality in the woods, as well as the tender, juicy, and unmistakably great flavor of its yield. Our oak trees provide acorns and an ideal forested area where our hogs are often found running, foraging, and resting in the shade. The balance between a stress-free habitat and an all-natural vegan diet, gives our hogs the ideal ratio of muscle to intramuscular fat, resulting in a cut of all-natural premium pork with excellent marbling, deep red coloring, and its truly unforgettable taste!